Why I Havn't Been Uploading Lately (GTA 4 Mods!)

What's up guys, happy almost end of the world. And you guys may be wondering why I haven't been uploading a video a while and that's pretty much because it's black ops 2. Um, my problem is its pretty much like black. Ops 2, isn't really fit I think it's not fit for videos to be completely honest, um it to be like I, don't know, it really explains it.

Um, there's. Nothing really to do I mean. The only thing I really do now is play with friends and just pretty much snipe and stuff. I mean, sniping became. Really fun and that's. The one thing I really like about this I bought black ops 2, but I'm, really not sure what um what to make videos on like I'm thinking about making like a mint on sports this montage or something, um I, honestly really do not know to be honest, um basically, I've been making I've been trying to get 12 videos in, but it's its, not the same son to be three.

You can't really find that many squeakers or underage kids. You know, just the mouse with because this games it's I, don't. Understand why there's I have no problems with it I, just under I, just don't know, top load, and I've been asking you guys what you want to upload, you guys are saying trolling, but can you guys be a little more specific? I really do not know what you guys want me to make right now. I'm just playing a little GTA and I have a flashed Xbox that I did a while ago, myself, um and I bought.

This is Oh probably I have no clue it evades. Um, let me check right now. It's, evades, GTA it's just being evading ghost. Is a lot of things you can actually do, um, you can pretty much just completely anal rape this game and do whatever you want as you see I have no legs, um, you hit X and get down the d-pad. And you have a bunch in their like menus and stuff.

You change the weather, um, going to like spawn. Watch I'll Drive a toilet. You know, it's, pretty cool, not gonna lie, but um I'm, not really into modding. But I also do have a serious. I might want to storefront foot. I do have a series I might want to start its I have a lag. Switch I guess, you would say on my Windows computer right now, I'm working on a Mac, but I have a Windows computer and I have pretty much lag switch and I can lap you bout of the lobbies, and they get really like where they think I'm, actually a hacker.

Now that could be like a trolling series, I'm, not sure if I honestly do not know what to make. So I really want to know what do you guys want me to do and for Christmas. What do you want to see?

Do you guys want me to do a giveaway? You guys want me to like I. Don't know, make a Christmas special I, honestly have no clue, so I'm going to park right here. We're going to go to party chat, because I have a quick shot at I want to get a few friends, um I'm going to pick a party shot submission, how are you doing buddy? Alright. So basically, my Mike Pierce isn't, hear me, um its submissions with my friend for a while now I'm cussing, um, he's been with me for a long time.

Now, I'm wicked rain is now online via challenges, but shout him out too. So basically GV ghost he's going to be I. Mean, I'm, shouting amount they're all there they're amazing people. They have been with me and been my friends for a long time now, and now I'm going to put their channels in the description you can just drop by their channel like their bids and maybe subscribed you can do that for me. I would lap.

I would love that. Thank you because. I love helping all friends, not only that. But the first ten people to put their gamertags in the description, all add as a friend.

So either add me right now, um, or just put. Your gamertag in the comment section, so I'm going to ask them why they won this shout out, but everybody its submission. Why did you win this?

Shout out? Well, I was, um 919, brought fight like a diamond do I'm playing my houses, I mean, all over the place, what good rain. Why did you win? The shoutout also, um I wanted to all right.

So anyway, this shout-out goes to GV ghost and its submission. So thank you guys and I love, you, are you? Alright? So just to check why I want a shoutout? Alright, cool. So just check by.

The check-out their channel, yo and just leave a like and subscribe to their videos, and I'll capture guys capture I'm. Sorry, I'll catch you guys, some other time and be sure to comment below to ask tell me, what do you want to see you want to see a let's play series? Do you guys want to see me trolling and tell me specifically what rolling or any type of video got me to make, so I want everyone to have a wonderful day and don't get fooled by this doomsday giveaway? Anyway, my sloth my ginger monkey and. My chinchilla wish, you guys a very happy day, and I'll, see you guys later, peace,

Dated : 10-Apr-2022