Ronaldo, Cavani & Rashford Seal Vital Win | Highlights | Tottenham Hotspur 0-3 Manchester United

Skip Lucas Morey, and he spurns the chance of the half Fernandez, but still loads forward here and then Havana great, headed chance drifting wide of that far post, then it comes dangerously. And the header is it. And the flag stays down, oh look, there's. The fact, I mean, that is honestly the latest flag I've ever seen Fred what a great strike and that's, the first save that Larissa's make.

And the ball was moving viciously still loads forward. Here, Fernandez Ronaldo, Tottenham's nemesis with a special strike. Cristiano, Ronaldo, gold, number 11 against Tottenham commune's driving through midfield again.

And he plays in Ronaldo. The flags down. Ronaldo has a go. Oh, unbelievable finish. But the flag now goes up as Ronaldo runs to celebrate with the Manchester United fans.

Private Fernandez is in, and he's chasing after it. And he plays in Ronaldo just chops inside Ronaldo, and he finds cavani. Never in doubt. What a finish the two greats Ronaldo and Havana combine. And the king of Uruguay makes it two-nil. Matic finds Rashford on side, Rashford's game over glorious finish from Marcus Rashford and united are back after such a tough week, oh that's. Its character, tick, resilience, tick, three points, tick for only gonna sol sharp expert Manchester United performance with this new formation, Tottenham nil, Manchester United three you.

Dated : 22-Mar-2022