I think I just broke my camera today. Hello. Everyone. Welcome back to my channel and welcome back to another food Fridays video. If you don't know, I post food related videos, every single Friday, it's, a little series I have going on my channel. So make sure you are subscribed if you do enjoy food related content because it's kind of all I post at the moment.

This is probably my most requested food related video that I've ever had people really want me to eat one colored food for 24 hours, it's its, On everyone's mind. So today, I'm going to be only eating red food for 24 hours. And I don't know how to feel about this. I kind of thought it would be easy. But then when I was looking online to get stuff, I was like not a lot of red foods in this world. But before I get into the video as always make sure you do subscribe to my channel. If you are new, oh my gosh.

I haven't even said this. Thank you so much for 2 000 subscribers, um, I could cry. I mean, it's, such a small number to so many people.

But to me, it's. Just it's 2 000. Like 2, 000 is actually a lot of people.

I don't think I've ever even. I mean, I have probably met more than 2. 000 people have I give the video a thumbs up if you enjoy it and let's go get some breakfast, and I'm afraid, people it's going to have to be healthy, because I could not find any red breakfast cereals. I just walked into the kitchen and my mum's laid out all of my items, and I'm, actually so excited.

It all looks really red, which is obviously what I wanted. Okay, but can we just I'm. So excited, look at these, oh my gosh.

Okay. I am so excited to film this video. I don't think you're quite ready. Hello there. It is time for breakfast, so we're going to be having a very healthy breakfast today. Now I didn't want to cheat.

I didn't want to use red food coloring. I didn't want to do any of that everything that I've got is just like, naturally, red, I'm, not breath. Furthermore, I did want to try and find red cereal. But like I said unless you're in America, it just doesn't exist. So for my breakfast I'm, gonna.

Have some strawberry yogurt now a little concerned that this might be pink, but the packaging is red, so I'm, hoping it'll be somewhat red. But technically pink is a shade of red, yeah. And then I'm going to cut up some strawberries and some raspberries and yeah, make like a little muesli bar without the muesli. This is a very healthy breakfast for me. Let me tell you I never normally have fruit and yogurt for breakfast let's open this and see if it's actually going to be red, or if it's going to be pink. It's pink it's pink thrown through.

Okay, you know what guys we're going to allow it because pink is a shade of red, um, that is just a fact like I'm, pretty sure you can google that I'm going to make it now, and I'm excited. I feel like I need some fruit. You know. So this might be this might be good for me. This is what the yogurt's looking like, definitely pink isn't.

It that's red, that's pink, oh she looks. So pretty here we have my breakfast. Everyone looks how healthy this looks. I think I forgot how sour. Raspberries are going to eat this very refreshing. I feel very rejuvenated after that one mouthful. So for my lunch I'm going to have this roasted red pepper and tomato soup, I think that this is going to be really red, because I was just going to get like a normal tomato.

Because cream of tomato is just my kind of soup. But cream of tomato is quite orange like it's, not super red. So I thought I'd play it safe and get the roasted red pepper and tomato because I'm guessing, that'll make it a bit more red. The only. Thing is that it has lumps in it. I don't like lumps.

I honestly cannot eat soup unless it's cream of tomato. Like I don't know how people can eat soup that has like lumps in it's, just not for me. So I'm going to have some of this. And then I've also got some cranberry juice.

This is actually the low sugar. One fun fact, the best alcoholic drink to have if you want to pre-drink is a vodka, cranberry juice, trust me, try it literally just tastes like it tastes like juice, like I shouldn't be promoting that. Cranberry juice is actually so good for you, it's got a lot of vitamin C in it like it's different from apple and orange juice because it's, just I think it's just like better for you. So I'm going to have a glass of this. And then I also have some chili heatwave Doritos that I think I'm going to dip in my soup because I kind of bread, which it's really sad. So I've got the chili heatwave Doritos.

Now is these orange, I know, you're all going to think that they are, but hypothetically, they should be red. So. I'm just going to go with the idea that they're red. I mean, if you want to see red, you can see red, you know, like it's, honestly all down to interpretation. Furthermore, I don't want to see my favorite Chris by the way like they're, just the best. Oh, my god, they're, definitely not red. Do they look they're?

Not red? Are they I can't eat these because that'll be cheating, won't it, but that's going to be torture like actual torture? Oh, my god, Callie, you don't have to eat them.

You don't have to eat them. This is so much. Willpower right now, I'm, literally smelling them, but they just do not count as red do that like this is red that's, orange. Okay, you know, it's, fine it's, fine. We can have our soup. I've also got quite a lot of snacks. So I've got a lot of food to eat to be honest.

So I'm sure I'll be fine. I've got fruit winders. Most exciting part cranberry juice is not as good on its own without alcohol. I must say, but that is like that is fully red. So my soup is heating up in, oh, my god.

I thought there was a massive. Spider on the microwave it's, just a fly. My soup is heating up in the microwave. And when I opened it, I got it all on my top. So now I'm red as well, I really should have worn a red top shouldn't. I, but red really is not my color like at all I'm too impatient.

Oh, she's sizzling, oh, oh, oh dear. Ow, okay. That is red. I've done a great job at these guys, but that is actually about 500 degrees Celsius. That is lava temperature. Goodness, me also our microwave is so disgusting. We've literally had this for like 15.

Years so don't mind us. Wow, she looks so pretty I can confirm that it is lump yew. I'm really, not the queen of good lighting, I'm, I'm, going to try some of my soup I'm, really quite a fussy eater in case, you didn't know, it's, very sweet, it's, actually, quite nice, quite nice, yum I'm happy with that. The most exciting time has come, you don't understand how excited I am for this. I don't know about anyone else. But when I was in primary school, everyone would have these and mum never bought them for us.

I always. Used to look at people having these and just think that could be me, and now I'm, an adult I can buy stuff like this myself. But I don't think I've had one of these since I was probably like six, but these are expensive. I can see now where my mum didn't use to get these for us. It's two pound for six winders that's like two pounds, a week just on fruit winders.

Anyway, oh, my god, it's, literally exactly the same. They come wrapped up like this. Oh, oh, my god, it's. So chewy, oh my god, this makes me so happy my. Great wear is a necklace, you know, I feel like these aren't allowed in some schools anymore because they're like classes are sweet lunchbox rules for kids are so strict these days.

I actually wrote a story that got published in quite a few places about this in some schools. You have to make like homemade sausage, rolls and cakes like you can't have stuff like this. You can't have any chips.

I remember when I was in primary school, my iPad lunch, actually consisted of a sandwich packet of chips and a. Chocolate bar, and there was this really embarrassing time when I was in year three. And we were learning about like balanced food.

And they basically got me to go get my lunch box, because they thought mine was going to be healthy. I don't know why? And everyone in the class had to evaluate whether it was balanced or not.

And it was actually like a cheese sandwich, a packet of walkers chips and like a penguin like that just isn't balanced is it. And the teacher felt so bad for me that she is just like. Pretended it was balanced, and I know, I will never forget that to this day. Oh, my god, it's like a little cartoon. Oh, my god, he's pooh. This is not very pj. He's, literally, pooping, tell me, that's, not a pay that's so weird that was so enjoyable it's got to that time in the day when I need a coffee.

I was going to say I can't have a coffee because it's not red, but I don't know, am I counting drinks? I mean, I've still been having water because that's like clear like that, literally doesn't have a color. And also.

You kind of need water to survive, but I haven't had any other drinks that aren't red. So, do you know what we're not going to have coffee? Okay, we're, not going to break the rules even a little I'm so tired, I don't know why it always gets to this time of the day after I've had breakfast and lunch. I just get so tired like it's, almost like when I eat food, it just makes me very lethargic. And I don't really know why also this glass is going to be annoying, probably so to give me energy to counteract the lack.

Of coffee, I'm going to have some sweets. So these are the sweets that I'm going to have. So these are open because I had to take the thumbnail, and I used these. And let me just tell you that was an interesting experience, it's sugar. So I'm, hoping it'll give me a bit of energy I'm, trying this thing at the moment where I try to go to bed earlier, and it's, just not really working. So if anyone has any tips because I want to be that person that goes to sleep at like a reasonable time, but then wakes up really.

Early because I feel like those people just seem so much more okay that light in the glasses is really irritating. I just feel like those people just seem to have their life together. A lot more than I do if anyone has any tips. I mean, I know that it's just that I need to go to bed earlier. But I just, you know, you're just laying in bed, and you go on your phone.

And then before, you know, if it's been like three hours, and it's 1am story of my life, yum dinnertime, oh, for god's, like actually, the story of. My life, why do my eyes have to water so much should I say, hi to everyone? You are a big lump say, hi, oh, my he's just a teddy bear. I think you've put him away it's, not even seven o'clock. And I put on my dressing gown, because I just cannot hack real cloves, it's, just it's, not for me.

So for dinner, you know, I was thinking about doing something very out there, something unique a culinary cuisine. But instead, I just decided to do tomato pasta because I mean, whatever red food is that, so I'm going to make. A bacon tomato pasta.

Now, tell me that doesn't sound nice, and I know that pasta isn't technically red, but the whole dish is going to be red like it's all going to look red. So in my eyes, it's, absolutely fine. And it is in the eye. It is in the eye of the beholder. What is that phrase? The beholder of the eye it's in the eye of the beholder? Why did that sound so weird to me?

It is the eye of the beholder. Also, it's, literally autumn, um, I'm, getting Halloween vibes because look it's, not even seven o'clock and. I mean, does this not just scream Halloween to you anyway, right? So I've got the pasta. Let me show you. So I've got the pasta doing its uh thing.

I've got some cherry tomatoes. I've got some bacon, which is this in day. Yes.

Thank god. I've got some bacon, which when it's cooked definitely will be a shade of bread. Um, yeah, I'm.

Sorry. Did I lock you out the sauce that I'm? Using is this one from Sainsbury's tomato and herb pasta sauce. And I think I might put a bit of chili in as well. Uh, this is all of my. Dog's grooming tools, please don't mind that.

So yeah, I'm excited. I haven't had pasta for a while actually, whoa. I mean, I slightly underestimated how much the sauce would change the pasta, but I feel like we can allow this.

You know, we've got bacon tomatoes. I've just realized I've had a lot of tomato-based things today, but it's. Fine also. I've done way, too much pasta, but what's new there. So I'm going to put this in a bowl, and then we can try it, and I'm very excited.

The only thing is that I want cheese. Let's try my pasta honestly I've done so much, oh, you can see the steam. This is what my pasta looks like looks very nice. I always have my pasta with cheese though, so I don't really know how this is going to go.

How do you think it's going to go kilo? Does anyone else talk to their dogs or just me? That is pleasant.

Wow. Okay. Maybe a bit more salt, actually, no that's, excessive for anyone wondering, this literally took like 15 minutes. So it's, just normal penny, penne pasta that tomato sauce. I showed you. And then I.

Just cut up some cherry tomatoes, some bacon, and I added in salt pepper, basil and some balsamic vinegar, which is my secret ingredient at the moment. So yeah, I'm going to go and eat this and don't worry. Guys, we're. Not finished. I do have an exciting dessert.

I feel so fat. And I don't even know why like I've not eaten that much today, but it feels like possibly it's because it's all been one color. And I hate one kind of thing like you're meant to eat the rainbow. You know, okay, final thing that I have to try. My lips actually hurt, why are they so dry also dinner was like a 10 out of 10. It was so nice red velvet cupcakes. I am so excited about this.

The only part that isn't red is the icing, I know I've been making excuses all day, but it's, actually a lot more difficult than you think to eat like completely red food. And I wanted to try different things. I've never tried these cupcakes, but I do love red velvet here. She is, oh my gosh.

She smells great. Oh, no. Amazing it's like a very there. You can see that. It's like a very dark red, oh my god, I got it all over my face. Red velvet cake is honestly my favorite it's.

So pleasant, this is the final thing I'm going to eat today. Well, I might have some snacks later. I don't know, right? Everyone I'm going to end this video here. I've taken off all my makeup because I literally cried it off. I was watching the recoupling episode from love island, USA, uh, the one where they went to Casey rumor.

And I just couldn't really cope when he came back in with that teddy bear. If you. Watch it you'll know what? I mean, but I don't feel like anyone's watching it. I actually cried all my makeup off. So I've just taken it off. And now my skin is like red, and I've missed, I've missed a lot of patches, but it's fine give the video a thumbs up subscribe to my channel.

And I will see you all in my next video. Bye, guys,

Dated : 22-Mar-2022