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Welcome to the second part of our webinar, how will we today deal with the topic must treatment? Where does the journey of the training have to take with us internationally? There is a clear preference for pesticides in the beetle away from animal products, be it heavy fish or beef. That means all our products should be suitable for vegans. Of course, we also want to avoid allergens that means o2 as little as possible, but as much as necessary, casein albumin and fish if possible, the biological trend is.

Growing all the time we also want to have training materials that can be used biologically very important, of course, easy application, and in the best case, better formation results than before. What do we actually want to remove in the must? Or why do we do the mouse clarification on the one hand? There are of course, a lot of pollutants that we want to remove from oxidation. So tannins are oxidized by the weather, and then cause them brown tones.

The winners then later in the maturity, very significant, we. Want to remove metal like the fire brigade organic cultivation is more copper is more in what indoor scuba. Unfortunately also causes very strong. Oxidation is also a cytotoxic it. For example, sauvignon blanc or senna, bra help react very strongly on copper. We don't want any residues of pesticides in must, Of course, that goes without saying, but it may be that there is still sulfur in must, which then causes reactive tones. And of course, Sweden is also equalized is what nicer agent is there in.

The east we can use that contains on the one hand after the origin. So we differentiate between organic and inorganic pleasant agent about, of course, always the mixture of them is then adaptable to the respective circumstances. When can we use the agent?

One thing is, we sort something else we put out. We can also use during fermentation to use separate r point would be here in if the price is it has to be specially treated again to remove it as a small overview of the most important techniques, the must. Position is on the left side, the flotation and also the right side, the series mutations. So the static clarification, both work on the same principle of positive and negative attraction. So we need both when there is a fluctuation, the big difference in the flotation floats as a cap.

And in the state clearing, the pressure settles on the tank, both variants are allowed to a population. And the flakes have a high density must have when sorting we have to help ourselves with gas that nitrogen or oxygen. Helps us with the sensation, the German law helps us first let's take a closer look at the sedimentation. Here is an overview of the means of payment offered by Anna this with the aim of cleanliness so that I would as basic goal of must clarification, disc rub. We want to quickly and effectively clarify our patterns weaning here. We have two examples that one country as an incentive plate secure difference is pea protein. The other take potato board.

And cube always means that it is additionally. Strengthened member together that has the great advantage that it due to the negative positive attraction. The effect is strengthened very well. It removes metals very well. And if the moon is not quite in order like copying, the cinema tell me I also have these microorganisms. We can vouch for the plant is itself.

Also in liquid form also offer very good flake, formation and great speed. And whoever wants to can reach for gelatin here. We have different ones on offer, but for sedimentation like a hydra. Dressel recommend its very good flake. Formation.

That means the symbolized level is set in such a way that the flake formation is still very good. It works very, very well, faster than about the tannin. E, wonderful, dosage, 15 to 50 milliliters. So that's from the Philippines, the seam that offers the middle of the differences between peas beans and potatoes. That's, of course, a matter of taste what you want to use both work very well for export. You have to take a little a more little higher if you're. Interested give up, but in terms of effect, yes, both have great advantages let's.

Look at different strategies, the sedimentation I.e., letting it settle to the normal needs a cooling effect, the nose. I would recommend you in artists in the rs. So rs4 efficiently, ashes if you taste the aroma before still want to extract.

So we looked at that in the first presentation, we absolutely need to release an aroma. The enzyme that would be after the NC ND. We can go down here with the passage from the western. Because the mp already breaks open the active one, I.e. this active matrix and more already on the volumes, and the rt stability in the latter, positive influences, such as for example, we want to be able to settle want to use less co2 as possible, but still have full microbiological control again without the nose. It is not possible here. We are already heavily using micro.

Mm, this is a great tool. We will look at it later still had to start to get them clear. And at the same time to have the veins. Microbiologically stable if we had to clear our noses again for some green be, its hailstorm be it other reasons very catholic.

And this is where it comes down to that is a milk product that will be we'll. Take a look at it right away, or if we have to press or have a lot of pressure, get rid of your nose again. And as a difference gallery live the two more closely look at the piano. Live com is from both are milk products, So that means we have the maximum effect in one product.

United the difference. Between the two is the dosage of each en components and intoned in the piano, bring we achieve improved port instability, remove the oxide ASN that is, of course, very important, because he has to be a little burdened with it is important to prevent something later in the old Catherine and are removed. And of course, the airport removes him also very nice. The metals' commissioner hf. There is also the officials a little higher.

It is again, enriched with peas protein and depth should also apply if they are. There if removed captain and shortly finished phenols and metals dosage at the commissioner need a little less than 50 clear to 80 grams per hectoliter, and you have optimally trained, the must in both and at the same time removed for role and added stability here would be shown schematically here is a must that has a lot of tanning agents to negotiate I would recommend a bit. He to go with the ASC. So as DE is a mixture of copies, acid under sulfur me that prevents oxidation shirt, microbiological. Contamination and your laundry fresh very important to you use your nose, ten milliliters per hectoliter is the minimum we have to break up the pectin. Then it happens as mentioned before 10 to 20 grams per hectoliter. Significant, don't, keep them inspection, maybe not 40 listens to minutes at once, but at least twice 20 twice 15 minutes, your print materials must have time to react with the ingredients of commissioner.

Then let them stop worrying must go away. The next day. If you know that the metals are. In Bavaria because you have Cuba, for example, have applied where we want to produce as planned. These are just very sensitive to Cuba.

Also. The flavors are very sensitive to copper. I would recommend him remove the medals with the matrix pro ft. That would be great tips before clarifying on the explanation. Housing company press contact, Rome activated, the s, band without us, contributing a lot to the stability during the explanation in Vienna. So you might not even be able to save yourself nice and more. Completely in winter afterwards, it's from micro, m, that's in Tucson for media that will then microbiologically stabilize your legs and will always consider and filmy varieties or 16 remove the card, china and oxide as soon as possible, the aromas and the color will thank you. Why is it so important to remove early here is one of those complicated representation.

I try to make it so simple to explain as possible. Why here we have the oxygen that inevitably remains in the naturally try to prevent. When we used d here, we have the iron. And here we have the ca thine. So the polyphenols, the polyphenols are unfortunately, oxidized more and more and oxygen acts in this case Bianca.

And by the free radicals be, if you come at some point, oxidized keel without and oxidized cinema, that is what then in the summer. The heat actually makes you yellowish or and maybe also in the smell you do that is such a light. Our is not reduced, but only like tannin quite that is the way in the chapter on the subject. Another example is something that we don't want at all if the ethanol is accepted for you to split it up, you also have to remove the food as quickly as possible. Because one thing is also oxidation. And the turbo effect in bed is the next important thing point is that flotation is very important internationally and for larger companies of medium standard. We can actually all had to sort basically, it always depends on the type.

There are some that simply had more pressure material than others. Countries must contain more than eight percent material. Then is a high risk that the flotation will not work. If you Anne cleverly days in the moss. So if you had portrayed on the drum, it is very, very difficult. The Koreans have to be switched off with a special enzyme. If the fermentation has started, then don't do it, that's almost impossible.

And with press, of course, it has to be a lot of tannins and withstand the pressure difficult. Most hombres sen also tannins and pressure is also difficult on the. Whole calculate the one hour per meter thanks higher. We have about three to seven percent of the total as flotation languages and the r st. Then goes in the direction of honor. I ALR ADY have it before that. The wind often covered noses are very, very important without which we can't function.

The flotation. Now we can determine whether the pectin are in must that's a very simple team that you can simply hinder the Bayern good to make yourself. You take a glass cylinder of about 30 milliliters and. Come up with a solution that drills to 99 5 meters, internet b exists around 05 meter servers. This solution, prepare yourself, you can use all the aces then take five milliliters. You feel must if you have a layer filter is enough, just add ten milliliters of your alcohol solution to shake the class, very carefully and wait ten minutes or five minutes, the pectin then produce a white precipitate if you have undissolved and broken pectin. So remembering this is also a sign, not yet split off.

Impact it, or you will get a finished cake here. We would have the juice without its pectin. So here you can assume that the bag will have the nose effect here we have a schematic example that you can use as before to do this very classic flotation with the shell Adana. The nose is essential for everyone. We must have split the pectin completely here. We have that. Now what will actually be important in the future, or it's important?

We do it with whole ports, In this case, with the liquid herbs protein. Senates if you have a lot of tanning agents, for example, damaged in sage that drugs have gotten material can interfere with objects in nature. You can start the BBB start. And here we would recommend grabbing it at the same time. Plans is old that it is a very, very effective remedy that has been strengthened again with cinema saw here you can achieve a greater effect with little effort is difficult to assemble, So for example, the proportion is slightly higher had to mix you might want to pack your. Nose with the enzymes, and then you would recommend using the fourth one as well, And here it is also being used more in cinemas, The country is the first problem to tackle because it simply works better with little effort, How does the flotation work in practice very important cover immunization with the artists, your it is minimum recommendable t, discovered two hours. This is the lower edge of the subject in the meantime you can set up the flotation pump, connect the hoses.

So always keep in mind. The. Lower the point of inlet of gas that the better mixed the thanks never fill up. A quarter, always leave it free.

You don't care about the most beautiful cake if it broke at the top, you have to organize the motto, give five to ten on the plan of the European tour. So now the variant we discussed before to have stable compact cake. We also recommend android to admit that in this case, the lamentation doesn't take 15 minutes to organize that, of course, depends a lot on the size of the stand it's more. Difficult to homogenize, a 100,000 liter tanks from a 5000 liter tank. If possible use very short hoses, they simply hold the pressure better and don't exceed the time necessarily because the cap breaks at some point you can yourself, decide take oxygen or nitrogen, depending on the volume with 45 minutes to an hour, waiting time.

Introduce the gas. It is difficult for you to make a blanket statement. It depends on many factors.

Temperature is a very, very important factor. So the lower the temperature, the. More lasts longer, the volume of the tank is also very significant. And of course, there are varietals like porting them differently than others in this trial or 2019 chardonnay treated with charcoal. Charcoal was added for flotation on the left, 20 grams per hectoliter blackberry must donate 20km blood. You see after 30 minutes, the flotation is not very satisfactory that the pressure content is still high.

The cake is diffuse not very nice compact. The effect can be slightly improved leave 20 grams of. Black beforehand but lands as a clues.

And again that if you use that causes that you must sort them, very nicely, and you need them. Hen, absolutely if you have used coal before using a so-called. So as not to take the coal with you in the clarification of the pattern here would be, for example, a protocol for very high nutrient contents. You have to censor away again with two to four milliliters per hectoliter to Mrs. If you have problems with that, you have success. The material add filters, the.

Same as you do then the carbon here would be another example with BVB. So it will make even more money and don't, forget, you require the flow planned be it relatively or a classic pro team for compact, carbon connections to have that the charcoal has to be bound to a protein to remove it from the sack. Yes, that's it for the second part of the must treatment.

The next part we will focus on nutrition and anytime if you have any questions feel free to email us or on our homepage,, Facebook,YouTube or Instagram, you will find a lot more information.

Dated : 22-Mar-2022