Lauren Wainwright // Film Reel

Gay marriage it's, a silly argument, that's, a 50% of Americans over the age of 50 lets votes that's who shows up at the polls now let's change it. And hopefully the way we framed the argument is as well from a religious robot religious to a civil rights issue. But one could argue great difference between gender and race, not really we used to ban interracial marriages, women couldn't, vote, Paul, the guy from Procter gamble, keep an eye on the governor. Okay, I, don't know, what's going on. The argument is.

That men and women can, in fact, be considered separate, but equal races cannot how, so you have separate public bathrooms for both men and women, but it would be illegal to have separate bathrooms for two races. Now, yes. Now, that's, what I'm saying see we're framing the argument she gave me everything I needed in life. All you require is love right. Never met anyone that's done that for me before till I met you're, definitely , looking at him. No I wasn't is there like something wrong with me.

Am I? Not good enough here, no you're being paranoid. Wait, wait. Hold it.

Please, 14, yeah, I'm a mess of these boxes. I'm GIA.

Dated : 22-Mar-2022