That's foul, I would most definitely pull a camera outside. Yo, no lie that would have probably been me like how she get locked the whole house what's up. YouTube, what's up, KIA nation, it's ya. Girl, here back with another banger video, if you're new to the channel subscribe right now, because if I was you, I want to join nation too. Okay, Perry the title and that thumbnail you all actually on my community tab do you all want me to react to jazz's recent latest video. So at the point of time with me.

Posting that it was new to see the title. This is being me to crystal for 24 hours. She wasn't going.

Okay. So if you guys like this video, make sure you can big fat thumbs up, you all comment down below what you guys think in the comment section down below and please you all make sure you guys respectfully watch that. So I can continue doing this for you guys full time, you all and make sure you guys subscribe. I've been having people been telling me, they haven't been getting notified when I drop videos.

So. When you are subscribed make sure you turn that bell next to subscribe right, turn it off and then turn it back on to all to see if you get the notifications then okay without further ado let's go to a cracker with this reaction. Video, let's, go me, too it's, Sunday, it's, Halloween, happy, Halloween, you all by the time you all see, this is probably going to be happening man. So look man, I woke up this morning, crystal been very feisty. All morning man, she's been talking a lot of stuff.

Man. She went outside all. Morning so look man, what I'm going to do I'm going to be vlogging the whole day, bro, and I'm going to be being mean to her the whole entire day, because she got me messed up you're going to be me, I'm going to be mean to you for the entire day. Bro do not play with me, I'm. Well, who knows jasmine's probably cheating? You always with him, you ain't, even with me who always with him upstairs with him like watch upstairs with him. Instead of being with me, why?

Oh, okay, cause Perry. You go. Let's. Continue.

With each other what's wrong with that, she always with you, not with me, what you're saying about my homies man, your earthworm shut up talking to me. I cannot deal with them. Anyway, you all man looking to get up bro. You know, what I'm saying we're going to go to crystal crib she's supposed to be getting up out of my bed right now, she's, still in my bed she's thinking, oh, my goodness. The only thing that's.

Thank you. Can you get up on my back with crystal? I should throw a head on.

I mean, your opinion, don't. Really matter anyway, I want to throw something like what so you need to watch who you're speaking to when you're speaking to a real one. I don't know, I don't know who she thinks she is bro, she's talking to me, and you need to come out here and make my better, not make your battle. So we need to come out here and make it up, or how about you come out here and make my bed?

Huh? I know, your mama taught you to keep your hands up whom you're talking to look at them. Dogs barking kind of saying that you won't, the.

Dog's working as you walk it's, all good, I can't see anything. I got a zombie. I don't know why you think you're popping that little chicken popper back there, not chicken papaya. Thank you. Let's. Go you're, wasting time as usual. Bro.

Look at her. Wait some times come on make up my baby. Look at my booty face. Nobody wants to look at that little chicken. Popper bro, look at it.

Yo, it's the chicken. Papa for me, come on grab all your stuff. My camera bro come on man, grab all your stuff and get in my house. When you when you all be like, why you all break up bro make up my baby come on. You need to see your kitchen. If you got two of them, there's, your stuff, too, go ahead and put this out there, too you all like the money rose that she got.

You got all your stuff come like what's that about why you don't have any like smell good serious about the shower. I do for me, get your stuff. Let's. Go that's. Why you're getting kicked out now she's going to pick it up that's. Why she's getting kicked out now bro because of her. Mouth learn to keep that thing in your face closed.

And you won't be getting kicked out my crib get all that out of my car. No leftovers in my car, hold up you all about to get hit with that. Sweet come on. Yo, let's hope being mean to crystal for me. We back she is violated.

Come on man, it's like going to take you to your resided area. You got it all right. Watch when you hit my car. Oh yeah, I just don't give a . Look at her dirty footage. Just out here little chicken here, get in the car, a.

Little beauty place for a while look like crystal coming back to the cost, so I'm going to give her like a little attitude, because she took a long time. Do you hurry up? I got you today. They like you bro, they're, all Chinese cousins.

They want to they want to freak you together. Not freak. You're just new to the community.

And they gave me this song to come back. Why they gave me free treats and , like you were damn puppy. What are you talking about cause? I just bought all this .

They. Better give me something for free. Okay? Yo. Yo, give me something for free because I'm, always in here for me. Well, give me some money on people. Yeah.

I could be you're sneaky. Hold on speak about sneakily. You all tell me why I don't know if it's like I don't know, what's up. I don't know if they took out of Apple Music, but oh, oh it's back on here, because I know what the hell happened because at first I had the song downloaded. And then when I tried to play it, it was like all for apple me to talk about.

Something ain't available in your country, I said what? So now I look back on it now, it's there so don't play with me snicker link so don't, keep texting me and tell me next to me. I love that song, but anyway, let's continue it's. The Barnard for me.

Huh? Oh, let's answer. It. Huh. It's my phone. You want me to get a little bro it's 39 minutes, no I'm, just not going to crazy babe.

How are you going to read all this in the back? Oh, yeah. 39. 39 minutes that lift is looking like, very much hundred dollars. , I never took a 39 minute Uber or Lyft ever before like from me coming from Courtney house, calculated Harlem.

And I haven't, and I live in Yonkers it's like a good 25 minutes. So I can only imagine you all that's, probably from like 39 minutes would probably be like coming from Manhattan to my house or going from Brooklyn to my house, that's probably 39 minutes, but child what anyway, listen to you say, the sneaky link, again, bro say, something about the , sneaky league, again, bro, okay, I'm. Sorry, I had to go back to the beauty supply store you all because she wanted to get this little fake dog and then you all listen bro. When she got in there, she told me that what she said you got the debris. They thought when I got to the door you all, I hate that bro, yo, because they be doing that about my crib like what you do. No it's, not you all. Look at my hair, curious giving the jazz could never what's wrong with you.

I've seen her video too when she installed this ring, apparently, okay and don't hit. Me I'm not playing, oh is our own house. Bro that's foul. I would most definitely pull a camera outside.

Yo, no lie that would have probably say, please open up my door, say, , no door. Already open get your ass back out for my door and stop being mean to me, because I didn't do for you to act what's. The reason what did the reason tell me the reason why you treated me look at my feet, they real ashy and ready to .

She left my shoe in the bushes. I can't. I promise I'm, not going to lock you out. Furthermore, I promise hold my hand. Hold my hand like nah, you're coming out here with me, hey, you all. We going to pray for her.

She just did the most bruh. She did the most awful because I've been showing her tough love all day like sometimes they don't come easy like sometimes, you know what I'm saying it comes up. Furthermore, she has to learn it.

Nah, okay. You have to learn that muscular muscle, I'm, leaving you all, you know what I'm saying she ain't doing right here, looking like the Wendy's logo. I'm.

Crying, not Wendy's logo, looking like a red, hot, Cheetos don't, look man, looking like very much a cherry. Icy period. Go explore life. I'll, see you later, okay, lobster. Why are you coming nowhere to get smashed and that's? It that's?

Why I'm kicking you out at seven in the morning and that's? Why? And that's? Why I'm kicking you out at seven in the morning?

It is that's. Cool. You're going to be out here about six in the morning. So when I wake you up at six in the morning, don't be mad, she's, bugging, who's.

Waking.What is up at six in the morning, people took up talking to me, you all know who you talking to you, no, you ain't talking to me. You may be talking to you're goddamn. I don't know, Friday see you later, stop playing with me.

If I slap the dog spit out your mouth. Let me see I don't have to show you . Why are you playing just live here. You want to see these drones down here.

Yeah, you know how I do but get the off my phone, . Now I got to do females. Huh?

I'm trying to keep. Positive around me for the night you all, you know what I'm saying, when that energy just comes soaking up your positive body. I can't be having all this ball of energy. Just you know what I'm saying, ah, no, soaking up.

Bro. Yes. This is your hair, it's red here, so look you all, you know what I'm saying, that's the end of that video, right there? I feel like I was mean, you know what I'm saying long enough like mean to this young lady right here. Look at him, look at the chicken pop out here.

But you know, What I'm saying, uh, I feel like I was made long enough. You know, what I'm saying you think I've made me would afford, you know what I'm saying all right you all. So that was the video. If you guys like this video, make sure you get big fat, thumbs up, you all comment down below what you guys think in the comment section down below, okay, um, yeah, because that come to me because ciao, you want to get these hands, because who you're playing with period and make sure you guys, subscribe you all, if you're not getting. Notifications on when I drop videos, make sure you guys turn off your notifications and then turn them back on to all. So you can be notified every time I drop a banger, you all I'm going to see you all in the next reaction. Video.

Dated : 22-Mar-2022