How To Make Your N54 Have A Real Hard Cut REV LIMITER! MUST DO SETTING!

Hey, guys, welcome back to another episode of team, n54 filled 0-60. So I need to apologize, and I need to apologize for not knowing something that I probably should have known. Now there was a there is a setting on MHD that actually cost me a race on Saturday night at roll racing and a lovely gentleman when I was doing the DCT, swap told me to make sure that I tick, this setting, and I'm gonna flash up his comment now. And I forgot his name, I'm, sorry. I just read too many comments, and I'm old.

And. Forgetful, I forget David's name sometime, um anyway, he actually told me to engage CT, shift bog fix. Now I read that comment. And unfortunately, I get a lot of comments from a lot of people every day. And a lot of them are not quite accurate.

And when I read that comment, it did make sense to me. But unfortunately, I was really rushed when I was doing the DCT swap I read it. I remember liking the comment thinking that makes sense. And then I forgot about it because sometimes and the DCT swap week was crazy. I. Was sort of working on the car for sort of four to eight hours a day and then editing for two to six hours that night and then reading comments for a couple of hours as well.

So I was pretty maxed out for that week when I did the DCT swap, but um, no, excuse. I should have looked into. I should have remembered, and I do apologize now the CT shift bog. Furthermore, I remember reading about it before I even started modifying my m54, and I read that it was for manual transmissions. And back in the day in the early days, When people were tuning, these m54s manuals would have a power issue, or they would lose power on the shift.

Basically, as you lift the throttle up, the DME would have, I don't know what I read was the DMA would have an issue. You shut the high pressure fuel pump down. And then it would take a certain amount of time for the high pressure fuel pump to build up pressure again and get things rolling again, not a problem on a stock power car. But when you're running twice the amount of fuel through that.

Height through that high pressure fuel pump, obviously, it takes a bit of a takes time to get fuel pressure again. And it basically throws a massive spanner in the works of the DME calculations. And it crashes now that's. What I believed it was and to this day, the shift bog tick box will fix that issue. However, what the shift bog fix actually is it switches the rev limiter or basically and keep in mind, a rev limiter on a car is a safety feature, but it switches a rev limiter from turning off the.

High pressure fuel pump, sorry, turning off the injectors, which is fine on these direct injection engines. And I think I have a feeling that the direct injectors will actually respond faster than the ignition. So I get why BMW did it? It also stops backfires and that sort of thing, but it switches it from a fuel cut. So when you hit the rubber loader, it switches it from a fuel cut to an ignition cart. And the reason that's a big deal is when you clip, the limiter like I did on Saturday night in this clip, Instead of the fuel probe, instead of the high pressure fuel pump having a heart attack and everything breaking down it.

Uh, it just cuts ignition. You get a big pop out the back because fuel is then getting dumped into the turbo. And you can keep going turns, the injectors back on, and you're good to go fuel, pressure, doesn't, actually, drop. Now I haven't actually tried it.

I have flashed the car with those settings, I'm actually a bit low on fuel. So I think what we need to do is actually go and get. Some temperature in it hit the limiter and see what this car does. Um, if you've been following along ever since, I've had this car with the hybrid turbos. I had issues where I'd click the limiter, and it would cough and far and do weird stuff.

Um Jr did change a few things in the maps. I think the last two or three revisions, I had on the automatic. So I could be a bit lazy. I could hit the limiter. It could go past the limiter, and the car would just sort it all out.

But it doesn't work that way with the. Dct, um, and I guess maybe that's because some logic in the DME for the DCT is more like a manual. I don't know somebody might be able to chime in on that, um, but it looks like this shift bog, fix should work with all transmissions. Now I guess I would just want to address a few things. Um, the reason I actually had this brought to my attention was ken in the group chat. Now ken explained sort of he didn't explain what the shift dog is really doing. But he explained the results of the shift bog and.

He said, you can use on any transmission. So why on earth do MHD call it? Mt, shift. Bog 2048. I understand that 2048 is something to do with torque limits.

I never see these talk limits because I'm using jb4 and the jb4 hides all the talk numbers from the DME, um. But yeah, I think this could be quite interesting because I'm sure there are other people out there that don't realize what that little tick box does. And I turn out if you got some if you're making decent power, you should just have it. Ticked, no matter what transmission you've got. Anyway, I need to go get some fuel.

We'll, go for a drive. I've got the draggy. So I can actually see how much power dips. Now when I clip the limiter on a shift that's, the plan anyway, right let's head out and uh, put the camera down and put my seat belt, all right, guys, cars warm. I've actually increased my boost limit in first gear. I normally run it at seven or eight psi, 7.9 psi. It is, um.

So that I don't. Well, I just don't want to clip the limiter in first, um, So before I actually check it with the draggy I'm, just going to see what happens when I hit the limiter in first gear now windows are down. So you can hear if the car does anything funny, um, yeah, I'm just going to ride it straight and past 7000.

See what happens it just popped. It. Didn't do anything?

Wow. Okay. It just goes the revs dropped like instead of hitting seven and then nothing happening. It hit seven. And it dropped back down to about five.

I was doing a burnout, maybe you know, I'll, try it again. In first gear with traction and we'll see what happens instead of burnout mode, which might take a few seconds? Alright, guys. I'm going to have you looking at the speed? See?

What you guys think of it. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god that is so what is an idiot? I can't believe I had that off. Oh, this is bad on my behalf. Guys? You don't know what you don't know?

And I didn't know, I should have had that turned on, oh, I've never properly. Checked. My frigging settings with Jr, like I've never sent him all my MHD. Settings, he just gives me a map. I put it on I'm normally happy.

I know my limit is . But that is correct. You can be a bit of a Muppet and the car doesn't slow down all right let's do what we actually want to do I'm going to do it with the draggy, and we'll see what the limiter looks like on a draggy run all right. So we got the draggy running I'm going to do a little launch, but I'll clip, the limiter. So that was over. I shut the windows. I went past 7, 000, rpm in every gear, um, well, first second, And third actually, not third, I didn't get to the top of third wasn't going that quick, um far out let us stop and check this.

So that was a 4.4 0-100 clipping, the limiter in every gear, actually, we hit the limiter twice in first before I shifted. And then it was a 2.860 to 120, which is pretty quick, um guys. You can hardly see the shifts in the acceleration curve. I will flash them up, so I'm, looking at the 0-100 right now that was taken 60 meters, 4.4 seconds, what and the 60 to 120 there's, a second gear, Shift in there, you look at that blue acceleration curve, you cannot see that I've hit the limiter. Well, I do feel like a bit of a knob.

Hopefully this video will help teach people about that setting its, not just for manual transmissions. It is for all transmissions. I think everyone should tell MHD to get rid of the CT and just put shift bog fix, but run it on everything. Um, yeah, that makes a huge difference. It turns your rev limiter from a fuel cut to an ignition cut.

And that is cooler. I have no idea. What rev limiter, I really got, yeah, because Dan does all that tuning I've never seen the settings, but I don't know if we fit the limiter now really the limiter is quite high. Anyway. Guys look I'm going to end it off there.

Um, yeah, get shift bog. Fix ticked. That's. Mega that's made a huge difference. Let's, go roll racing.

Well, look, I just got back, um, I know I ended the video before, but I've just been thrashing the car like a child, and it has completely changed the way this car feels. I think I'm guessing. Whatever logic is involved in this change that ken is actually can develop this 2048. Ken from west tuning developed this shift bog fix in the logic frame, HD, sorry, it's, probably a bit dark, um, but whatever it's changed when I get close to the limiter, the car doesn't get confused anymore, like it used to.

So before doing 60 to 120s, I had to sort of shift really wanted to shift around 6900. If you shifted in like 69.50, which is nowhere near the limiter, the car would still take a few seconds to sort out. The fuel system that's, what it felt like I've just done a 2.6 60 to 120 with the Pirelli on the back, which is fast 2.69, but it's still 2.6, um, yeah. And obviously it's spinning up while I'm doing that. But the spin doesn't matter, and I'm thinking, I wonder if before with this shift bog, maybe I was actually still hitting the limit or not, not maybe realizing. And it was causing a little of a splutter.

But yeah, it's completely changed. You can just it needs to be really lazy with the shifts. Now, um.

It's going to make me look like a much better driver it's going to make it easier to drive, and it definitely seems to make it quicker. So yeah, thought, better do a video showing you guys that I didn't know, I should have had that setting turned on and uh. Thank you for ken for sort of explaining how important it is. And thank you for I'm.

So sorry, I've forgotten your name. I have the screenshot of the comment on my computer, but I forgot the name, um. Thank you for pointing it out when I did the DCT and.

Sorry, I didn't, enable it when I did the DCT, but on the same note, um, not enabling it and driving the DCT without that shift. Bog enabled has really shown me what the shift bog does and how it changes the way the cars drive, um, that's, huge and uh, yeah. Another top tip, maybe send your tuners or your MHD settings. So they can verify. Anyway, guys, we'll catch you tomorrow. Thank you for watching.

Dated : 22-Mar-2022