How To Do Imvu. Episodes Or Series On PC So Yea...

Hey, guys today, I'm going to be doing a video of how to basically make the ICU things. I view series and episodes and stuff. So while you're on pc, okay, so people don't know how to and I myself search it up how to, but it won't let me. So I figured out the way. Sorry, I have to move my phone charger, but I figured out the way how to do it.

So you see all these types on here. Okay, you might just have to press the little push button. And then sorry, I'm, trying to get into focus just go to the little this. App right here. This app that's called picket with a little p. Yes. This one pick art pro, Verizon, sorry, I'm, trying this not to keep on moving my hand, hold on. So yeah, okay.

So you're on the pc, you could just go ahead and press on it, and it'll open up. Sorry. This stuff keeps on , good. Even when I'll be playing Roblox, see Roblox is at the top because that's the most that's, the only thing I do, but yeah, anyway. Anyway, let's open up to be looking like this. And you could like it'll give you it'll make. You struggle a little, but you could just press any one of these that pop up first that I just showed you like look I'm gonna press back you see this.

It should look like this. And then you could press down any one of these pictures, and it will load, and then it'll pop up. But then you can just press x.

And then you could go to images and put in whatever you want the background to be, so I'm going to put mine into bedroom. Okay. So I'm just going to pick a regular bedroom. Basically, just a there's, a bedroom. It's loading for a long time. I don't know why?

Okay, then you have to try to get it to fit inside this little white stuff. So you have to try to get it inside this white stuff. So that's, what I'm going to be doing okay now that we have it inside, and you see the bedroom and stuff you could go on to the stickers, and it should look like this. And then you can press in whatever you want I'm going to put mines as I am, the just iv. And this iv stuff should pop up like the blank, the ICU characters. And stuff, so I'm going to pick this one okay.

And this one, because these two match a lot, so it's going to be surprised so hold on it's selling for a long time. So I just got a little blue, okay. So sometimes they come out tiny, sometimes they can mow big. So mines, come out, small sometimes well.

Now a lot and I'm going to try to get her like kind of up to his weight because he's a basketball player. Basically, okay. So it's going to be the abusive series. And then I still be wondering how to get the. Comment things like comment, comment, comment, comment, when I press comment, it does like this like it's, really annoying, because it says, text, right here when I press on it does this, it doesn't say, nothing about none of that stuff see?

And this is all the shows, but then you could just type over top of it or edit the video and stuff and then do it. And then it should be like I'm done. So you should have your episode series, and you're. Welcome and look at him, he's cheating for some reason and look her. She's mad, she has to get woke up out of her sleep, but she does look pretty girl. Look at her shoes.

And then look at hers. They have the same outfit, but they don't have the same cheese. Okay?

Well, I don't want to show my face, but that will be the end of the video please like comment, subscribe, and I will start doing the series. So, yeah, let me just edit this video. And I might just do a series right now. Okay, bye.

Dated : 22-Mar-2022