Easy Hairstyles Using Tape In Hair Extensions| Irresistible Me

Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. Today's video, super fun. Video, I'm going to show you guys for lazy, head style, or a girl with taking extension that you can use to help or you hair down without forwarding about showing chunks.

So it is a first time watching please subscribe today to go so. Alright. So for this first hairstyle, I'm, using blue he's, one of my favorite time because special needs a hot day. So now, the first thing I'm going to do I'm ready to fix what I like to do it me too like a messy high. Ponytail follow quite a lot sounds a lot. But if you guys can see it human relationship, this is one of my favorite one - ladies don't. You shop me, mother daughter.

So this is the quest one behind put it down always taking your kitchen. You, but since he's, not sure so this style of the one all right. So now we're ready to start. And finally to eat one of my favorite it's steps, up and half down and just feel like face-to-face. So now hurry and to lead yourself back down and head up that ponytail I, never. Made a burn I like this part, too it's.

One of my go-to, the one hand I have time bus my hair. So I, hope you guys who like me, I sign number two. So let's do all right. So we have to chew hairstyle for taking extension. So the next style. But in extension, nothing is like it.

So let's go to our life's. Easy, always video week, 15 extension high style. Alright. So put style. And before I know, if I'm going to do high up, dude. So likes attempt that so let's go. My little mantra all my hair forward like food in a bag.

Lassic here and after have run. So what I'm doing is I'm just going to do this something you fix. This science make sure that lately just a crazy, messy bun, I, love it. And you just now, the breakfast we're going to talk about lucky this how they're messing fun. You want to publish a little with a pastor in speaks in place with some meetings' unrest in mine, fix it.

And what about when you put your hair up? He said, sure the trucks going to show that's funny I love about the taking extension piece. They don't.

Show their platform II, I, guess you had to, so it's, not people ever hear anything so that's it for this video, I hope, your place enjoy my moist, lazy deal with the Unix nation and I love. If I use a lot, especially this one. This is hot, so it's, not on the neck.

And nothing just put a couple cute with our hair, not so sorry to make more polished up to you think will go out, so I would let enjoy anything upon the little idiot and question about though anything else love, you guys, the big white describe. Seeing it to be.

Dated : 22-Mar-2022