Digimon Card Game 1.0 Booster Box Pack Opening - Pulling Some Clutch Rares!

What's popping, fellow nerds today, we're opening, Digimon let's get to it. So we're going to be opening up six 1.5 dash packs, but we're actually going to be opening up a 1.0 booster I'm going to open up the dash packs first all right and for our first one, boom, let's, go all right. Next one.

Okay. Okay. Okay. I definitely do want a play set of all of these cards.

So boom, all right. Blitz. Grandma looks like such a boss. Man, he's just got guns on guns, and he's just ready to just empty the clip on you all right. So. We just need one more blitz, grandma, and we'll have a full play set of alternate arts.

You know, this is the regular super of this card is actually worth like less than most of the commons and uncommon in the entire set, which is pretty sad all right, brave shield, all right. Come on blitz. Oh, wow. Okay. All right let's get into this box. Matt, Matt Rashida. So we are actually looking for, um, besides alternate art onion, of course, um we're, looking for rare, Thai, um, the red one.

I actually want another one. For a red deck I'm building first rare is daemon and mission for a second rare all right guys. We definitely have some shiny cardboard on the way I saw it. I seen it nuclear laser growl, Mon tie demon.

Matt is our first rare and leopard Mon for our first super hit of the box. I can't, remember, if we've actually pulled this card already, but um, we certainly don't have a play set that's for sure so good pull all right serious question, what's, your favorite card in this set, uh. This is the 1.0 set I'll. Remind you, um, and you can't say alter art, onion, you just can't a rare tyrannous and rare terrorist. Cluster, summon, Tuxemon horn, buster, goblin, Damon, wizard, boring, storm, tinker man, Demi, develop. I see shiny cardboard ground German daemon for our rare and millennium on for our second super head of the box.

Nice. I don't think I've pulled this one yet, um, which is surprising considering. This is our six box of 1.0 sick rep on armadillo, Mon, pagan, Digimon, Okayama, Murchison blade of the truth. Back for revenge, agreement, Simenon war gram on for our first rare and Matt Shiva for our second rare all right, guys, prepare yourself. This is another hit on the box. We're, just knocking them all out super quick.

I guess, uh, this is the third one so far, third, yeah, third dragon, Simon baby demon gigaliter is our rare and gallant Mon, alternate art. So that is our first alternate art, secret hit of the box. I ain't mad at it. But I mean, I would prefer something we haven't pulled yet, but still don't have. A place out of him. So not a bad pull.

I think this is another super. Wow. Gravity, crush kokotorimon, golden ripper, monzeemon, again expert, dehydration, mega cab, ferryman, motion, misty, manager, rare and Grumman is our super hit gross.

I think this is like the uh grand kawagamon of 1.0. But so we don't have a play set yet. So always a good pull until we get a play set all right serious question, though, what is your favorite color so far in this card game? I can't really decide what my favorite color is yet. I don't know enough about all the different colors to determine that coupon is our first rare and gigaliter is our second rare like I built red, I'm, probably going to build a black deck once bt5, I think comes out. Purple seems kind of cool.

But I really don't know what I'm going to like fall in love with yet cardamon is our rare. And matte is our second rare. And I forgot to take this out and then blue is another cool archetype that I like the, um, the yellow one as well. I don't know. Everything seems really cool. I just like the way everything works, um, so it's hard for me to decide symphony.

Number one is our first rare and venomiotismon is our second rare oblivion bird. Grey Mon guru, rumor mushroom on forbidden temptation. Liam on Gabon way, guru, rumor magma, German Cherry. Matt Shiva is our rare and I'm. Pretty sure this is a Rosemont Rosemont is our whatever super hit of the box.

Smash potatoes. Best card guys are you proud of me, I'm starting to recognize cards from the sides. Of them I'm proud of myself. So we have four supers and one alternate art so far mad dog.

Fire is our first rare and million is our second rare. Caparison. Vi lemon, v, nova blast.

Salmon metal, tyrannous, Digimon horn, buster batsman, tinker man darkness, claw and Jason for our first rare and Haman. The Jamaican Digimon for our second rare Dolph, Mon, androgen, monogram, Aquaman expert, great tornado, Ant-Man Liam on Groupon, lemon, groundsman, again for our first rare and Erebus Mon for our second rare. All right guys brace yourself.

This is another hit. I saw shiny cardboard tyrannous blast. Fire. Cab, Harmon, Bayamon, Bayamon, woodman, venomiotismon for our rare and Sarah almond cerapomon as our fifth super head of the box. If I can say it, right.

So the hope for this box is we pull an alternate art that we do not already have, um lilithmond would be cool. Um magma. Angelo is another one black tie rare is our first rare and rare Mon is our second rare. This is actually kind of rare for a rare. I realize. That after five boxes only had two of these, so it is pretty rare man.

Alright, guys. This is another hit. Um, I caught a big piece of shiny. I don't know what it is, but it's definitely very shiny spiral. Sword.

It's. A pyramid demon, chairman mad. Dog. Fire is our rare and bailsman is our second secret. Austin, dart of the box ain't mad at it very nice.

So we still have two more super slots. And I really do want to pull at least one more, uh, red tie, uh, the rare. So hopefully we get that one wishes.

Look. Shield of just for our first rare and summon for our second rare to give you guys, an idea of the pull rates of some of these tamers like after five boxes, I have one rare. TK, and one rare red tie and Jason for our first rare and metal Gurgaon for our sixth super hit of the box. So this is our last super hit of the box, even though we have several packs left, but we are still trying to get that red tie. So hopefully we can do it and let's find out what our last super is Tara's cluster for our rare and.

Magna and on for our seventh and final super hit of the box, but isn't that wild after five boxes and what's, looking like six boxes. We have one. TK and one red tie when I have full play sets of most of the other rares like that's, wild trump sword. Another one that seems to be short printed. I think this might be my second one and metal c drum on for our second rare Caesar, Mon, yep, Oregon, hegemony. Nuclear laser, hi guru.

Man, keeper, man, dark man, loader, lemon, bolt, Mon, yes, I'm happiest about this because. I well, there are a couple supers that we didn't pull. I don't think, but yes, we needed one of these let's go and a sore, which I think we only had one of as well.

Nice. This is a good pack. Uh. TK, Takashi would be nice. I will take one of those since we only have one of those as well, not counting the alternate art binman, baby, Dumont, whatever Sabre, Lomond, gab manes are rare. Another seems to be short printed rare.

And yes, pleasant back to back. Awesome packs for our rares like I was considering building shine. Graeme on, and then I realized I had one no two. TK, Takashi's, counting my alternate art. And I was like, I guess I'm not building shine gray Mon.

Um Damon is our first rare and cameraman is our second rare all right guys. I will see you in just a moment with our pull recap all right guys. Welcome back to our pool recap as always fat, stacker, rares, and I'm actually going to go over some better rares that we pulled just because we pulled two purple Matthias. We pulled one trigger on play draw.

One Gabon rare, we pulled one sort Takanashi Takanashi. We pulled one trump sword, and we pulled one. TK, Takashi and one red tie and don't forget about our Matt Shiva box stopper. And then for our 1.5 dash packs that we opened, uh, we pulled we opened six of them in total, we pulled one alternate arc grand kawagamon. And then we pulled three alternate our brave shields. Thanks.

I guess, but we did pull two alternate art. Blitz game on very pleased with that. We are one away from completing our play set.

Of alternate blitz game on. And now for our super hit, Grumman Rosamond metal guru, leopard, Mon and millennium on, and I'm, pretty sure that and leopard mode are both new I'm going to have to double-check that. But I don't think millennium line I pulled and for our secret, slash alternate arts, we pulled alternate art a gallant Mon and secret rare, Beelzebub, um overall. It's, um, I would say probably an average 1.0 box. Um, I have seen worse, and I have seen better. We've obviously pulled better on this. Channel, but overall I'm very pleased with these pulls I'm I'm, very happy about that red tie because I'm actually going to my first locals tomorrow, and I needed a second red tie for my red Omnicom deck.

So, uh, um wishes luck on that. Um, you guys will be seeing this probably a couple of weeks after that locals. But wish us luck from your present, my future for your past. Yep, that's how it is yep. But as always I appreciate, you guys stopping by, um do not forget to like comment and subscribe, especially if you. Enjoy the Digimon card game content. I do eventually plan on having something other than openings on my channel, um, specifically for Digimon.

Um. I do intend on just continuing that Pokmon just as openings. But for Digimon, I would like to do something a little different, maybe some deck profiles.

Possibly a discussion about the meta or card prices things like that. But if you are interested, please subscribe, um, I look forward to seeing you guys again until then.

Dated : 22-Mar-2022