Cablevisión Flow Vs Directv Go En Una TV Box Xiaomi Mi Box ( Compramos Los Servicios!.)

Hello, how are you in this video we are going to compare DirecTV go as well as cablevisin flow. Well, we enter DirecTV. It has a pretty nice interface on the side. We are going to see everything live with the, and I make my TV box. We always manage with the remote control, no mouse and keyboard.

Furthermore, we choose the channel. Furthermore, we want to see and open. It takes a little while to open the channel, the comparison of cablevisin flow. But one advantage they have in the image is a little better than cablevisin rode. Compared several channels and DirecTV better than cablevisin flow towards the cost. We don't go to the menu, and we can change the channel you.

Can't 'zap' with the controls. You can't 'zap'. You have to go to the side, I decided the channel. And if we want to pass another channel, we have to go back to the menu of the right well that the image is the best there is an image compared to cablevisin. The difference is not much, but it shows next to live. They have the menu to change the channel can delay. The.

Program for the length of the program, the channel and watch it, so it's a bit inconvenient to use it. If we just want to 'zap', it will look for something on TV. They are not as easy to use as cable television and good income, new television flow same with the remote control. In this case, if we are going to be able to 'zap', we have the programs' menu to see, and we can zap with the control. In both cases, the connections are never cut. They are stable American. There is a control.

And in a little more. And versatile, the use of the service with respect to management. But the image if the image quality is a little lower than management. So well, I will lean a bit towards flow because of the speed in changing the channels and the use.

But if we are interested in the image on DirecTV it's, the best there is well, I hope you liked it. Bye.

Dated : 22-Mar-2022