🎬 TRAINING DAY Datos Curiosos De La Pelicula Que Pocos Conociamos

The question is not what you know, but what you can show Alonso Harris. Hello. How are you welcome to my channel?

This time visit us in Washington with the movie training day training. Well, let's start. The film was released on November, 9, 2001 and is directed by director. Antoine aqua, mainly starring Denzel, Washington as Alonso Harris and Ethan Hawks as Jacques. The film is within the police thriller and takes place during the 24 hours in which rookie cop, Jacques hangs out with veteran Alonso who. Belongs to the narcotics department in the city of Los Angeles. Well, now we are going to discuss some curious facts about the movie so that it would be as authentic as possible.

The director shot in some troublesome neighborhoods in the angels and even asked for permission to shoot at the imperial court in return, some members of royal gangs participated in it The film, also included the advice of two active police officers from the city of Los Angeles during the shooting of the entire film. They. Also commented that the film uses very harsh language, for example, The word fox is said more than 200 times, It is the script of the movie was written in 1995 over there and over Time Warner bought the rights because at that time, there was a real case of a corrupt policeman. And for the role of Alonso Denzel, he looked at the appearance of those corrupt people, and even He copied from the goatee also tell you that Bruce Willis was a candidate for the role of Alonso and today Maguire for the role. Of jack, he spent more than two months learning with real policemen. But in the end, he did not get the role also comment that Samuel l. Jackson was going to be Alonso and Matt Damon jack.

But in the end Denzel Washington was chosen. A movie is the favorite of the basketball player. LeBron Jones, rappers also act is must and tortured. And one appears in a wheelchair and the other as a corrupt policeman in a scene in which jack plays cards with one of them. The.

Director spends some instructions on the. Actors without the actor's knowledge, he was confused. And that is how the scene was as real and truthful as possible in the original ending of the script Jacques lets Alonso escape with the money. But in the movie, it was changed since Denzel believed that the main actor, Alonso deserved the violent and horrible with the kind of person Denzel was Washington has declared on more than one occasion that the character of Alonso Harris is the favorite of his career also to tell you that Denzel. Washington won the Oscar for best actor. And the film had a budget of 45 million dollars earning more than 100 million dollars.

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Dated : 22-Mar-2022