Good Morning America, it is Memorial Day and I get to ride this classic piece of Americana. The 1976 Harley-Davidson SS, 175 two-stroke, jr., I, couldn't, pry them off of this thing earlier. He was having a blast on it and rarely does that happen because usually they don't run that good 50-year-old classics like this one.

But this one runs like brand-new it's its. So low use in mileage. It has the original tires on it from 1976, original Pirelli tires and the engine sounds and runs like brand-new without.

Further ado, let me fire it up and show you I'll. Take it for a quick demo. The Kenny said, when he got off it, this thing is ready to ride to the beach. So if you're looking for a classic Enduro that you can take on or off the road, this might be your bike starts. First kick has the original Harley-Davidson mirrors, the gauges the tech noted needs new on rubber dampener underneath them. The tachometer is a little on the loose side bounces around a bit, but the original paint code I'm, not sure if this. Is original paint or whether it's a repaint I think it is a repaint, but sure does look good.

And it runs like a brand-new motorcycle like I said, our lead tech, I'm. Mark, Olson, I've been working on this bike I don't offer weeks if not months and kind of made it like a personal crusade to marks a restoration guy. He doesn't like just getting him running and flipping them. He likes to go through them bit by bit and get everything dialed in and that's. What he did.

He'd massage this thing to perfection. Start mechanically it's, an electrically. It runs like a brand-new motorcycle.

Sometimes it scares me when it when he goes to bikes like that, because we end up putting so much money into him on the work order when he was done. It was a 2300 on it work order by the time, my labor and parts was figured in. And it is what it is, but it's its gotten all the preservation services. You would need to keep this thing running for a good long time. And it runs like a brand-new bike like Kenny was saying, there's.

There's, no strange vibration shifts beautifully. The clutch works. Great brakes are good, even the original tires roll beautifully. So again, this came from Clint Lauren, I'm going to send him a copy of the video Clint is a Thousand Island Harley owner group member from A Thousand Island, New York up by the Great Lakes. We got to go see him this summer, God willing he's coming down for Rock. Stop next weekend and Clint.

And the guys from the Thousand Island group had a large collection of farm. A piece vintage. Emfs that he sold to us along with a huge collection of motorcycle memorabilia all Harley-Davidson, of course, he's a Harley aficionado. So Clint you'll be happy to know that this thing runs like a brand-new motorcycle. It had been in his private collection for years and I think he had around 25 of the vintage after this collection, maybe seven or eight of them complete bikes like this one and then the rest he had parted out long story behind that.

But we've got a huge inventory of our math parts. From from Clint that squirrel just almost committed suicide. This blood pressure is probably soaring right now. But yeah, it's a super smooth, riding to stroke. It has the SS style, low front bender and low pipe indicating it was set up as a street bike geared, a little higher than the off-road model for street, primarily street use, and it's a cool piece, that's for sure, and it's got original tires, there's, no, no, denying the fact this.

This has 2,000 miles. Mm, 176 miles and it's got a lot of life left. In it, she runs like brand-new, if you have any questions about it, give us a call eight six, oh, four or five. Four, seven zero to four like I said, is t, minus 96 hours to the biggest party Rockville seen in over 200 years for sure maybe the biggest party ever the rock stock event coming up, yet I think 13 bands have signed up for the Battle of the Bands. We have ac/DC tribute band Saturday night. We've got LA backstage pass Friday night, the screaming at Eagle Bay on Saturday night and a 10 other.

Bands filling in the gaps, and in between each show there'll be a half an hour of Harley-Davidson or bike stunt rider event you have mini bike racing. We have the hooligan Hill, Climb, hey, Kenny, you're, right. This thing runs like a brand-new motorcycle it's, a fantastic piece, uh, undeniably. The best riding vintage Armani.

Two-Stroke I've ever had. There is no vibration. You know, we've always been a fan of the 175s it's got more power than the 125 and not as much vibration as a 250 it's, just a super. Smooth great configuration for a single cylinder. So good luck fitting on this bike. And this one's Captain America approved for sure what a cool piece enjoy your Memorial Day, honor our forefathers that fought for our freedom here in the United States and invest your money with peace of mind buying this classic piece of Americana.

This vintage Harley-Davidson, SS, 175 by AMF. And our Marquis take over the work order, oh Jesus. Let me.

Alright, you can only roll the bike up. So you can focus on it. While I, okay, that's. Good.

Alright. Alright. The work order has 20 hours of labor on it. Again, has original Pirelli MT, 76134, untied. The original Pirelli MT, 53, four by eight, four by 18 rear tire.

The date code on both tires is the fifth week of 1975 proof that they are the originals, the speed and tachometer rubber mounts as I showed. You were worn out. And also the tack needle is a little erratic, which is comment on those the kill switch on the left handlebar works backwards, which has probably been like. That since it was new and there's, no dry rot at all on the tires that's, what Mark noted he was like, you know, he's a preservation expert preservation specialist and the finest almost 50-year-old set of original Pirelli with no dry rot. The tires alone are worth a small fortune to a collector. He did a full inspection and evaluation on again. The work orders 2301 dollars was the bottom line by the time he was done with it.

A total of 20 hours labor, plus parts. The cylinder compression tested out. Was a perfect 175 psi.

The carburetor was removed in had a complete rebuilt and adjust using a full Delano, carb, rebuild kit, brand new air filter and oil on the air filter, brand new NASA battery, a new positive cable with a new fuse holder and negative battery cables replaced cleaned all the grounds check the rear change chain, tension, its original chain and excellent condition. Tires are like new wheel. Spokes bearings, everything's. Exceptional on. It tires pressures set the manufacturers spec. And again, No dry rot in the original Crowley's front and rear cables were adjusted clutch cables.

Adjusted throttle cable and oil pump cables were all adjust lubricated. The gas tank was removed. It was restored internally.

It was flushed and then cleaned with a bicarbonate sodium blasting solution and then treated with a metal rescue product and then rinsed and reinstalled with a brand-new fuel pack assembly. The ignition switch was removed completely disassembled to clean all the context and then test it. It's in perfect order, its original switch again, the throttle cable was clean and lubed. A new master link was installed on the chain. And then they went to all the electronics on the bike diagnosed and basically went to cleaned and inspected multiple connections and components and also fixed the front brake.

Switch I had a short on it too. So the front brake, you pull the front right side brake in the rear brake. Light comes on. This is assembled and put a clean and repaired the rear brake switch. So. Both brake switches work. Beautifully I went through the entire electrical system, clean and inspected, multiple ignition circuit components and found, and I can't read the writing something about all connections found in restored all connections.

Thorough went through the left-hand switch assembly, that's page 1 page 2 fixed, the main fuse holder and let's see, oh I went through the engine to the crank room had oil in it. So you checked the gear, oil level, it was very low. So he removed the clutch. Cover in the clutch and primary year, no wonder he worked on it for weeks.

Here I found the right crank seal head had failed need to be replaced. So he removed the muffler and the exhaust system to train the gear. Oil removed the baffle to clean it flushed and cleaned out the exhaust reinstall.

The exhaust system ordered a brand-new OEM crank seal and clutch cover gasket. Yeah, it's got brand new crank seals on it too. And the top ends only got 2,000 miles it's like brand new. So remove the carb to the. Vacuum suck out the oil from the crank room. So the crank was soaked in oil, the whole time it was sitting at and uh.

And so that kept it from having any issues. I guess flushed with contact cleaner and dried out the crank room, the piston, the cylinder, reinstalled carb and the plug replaced the right crank seal, the clutch cover gasket and put new gear oil in start and Randy. Adjusted. The aisle test rode it numerous times he wrote it around if he was having fun I don't, like we were front brake.

He. Noticed the front brake was screeching, so he rumors replaced the front wheel, cleaned and sanded, the drums and shoes test write it, put it back together still made the same noise. So he removed her own place, the put a new brake panel and shoes on it, a replacement brake panel and shoes on the front. So now it's good front brakes are awesome. It does need a low beam bulb I. Guess that he didn't have that in stock, and we couldn't order in time. So the headlight has a high beam, but no low beam right now.

And that's about it. Folks thing is the best running vintage Armani I've ever ridden starts first kick runs like a dime piece as Kenny says, I'll close by saying, she's ready to go to the beach if you have any questions call us eight, six, oh, four or five, four, seven, zero, two, four, don't, miss out on Rock. Stop this.

Weekend, good luck. Bidding on her and god, bless America.

Dated : 22-Mar-2022